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Lotus Nymzia Ferente-Fereishara by Typh39
Lotus Nymzia Ferente-Fereishara
The other half of the Lotus sisters. This one turned out much better, so I will be redoing her sister down the road. She and Fyrie are one of the most feared Zenthians on Gaia.
Lotus Fyrie Ferenishara Concept by Typh39
Lotus Fyrie Ferenishara Concept
This was a spur of the moment drawing. I am not happy with it as I blew apart the Zenthian antimony. But this is the general concept Art of One of the Lotus Sisters, and a master mage, Rare among her kind.
Jai'Le by Typh39
Jai'Le is anotehr older character of mine. I tried a dynamic pose this time. However I found out my new sketchbook is a little larger then my scanner sadly. Atleast this is an updated drawing.
Taran of Nem'Devaris by Typh39
Taran of Nem'Devaris
I always wanted to do a halfway decent picture of Taran. He is part of Nem'Devaris, and is the half-brother of Sabre. He's a rough houser and has sported two large scars on his face, that claimed his eye.

He is outspoken, and the youngest member of the group. His speed with dual Katars though is unrivaled.
Juuntei by Typh39
Juuntei was an old old old character of mine from when I first started Roleplaying the stories. I nicknamed her species "Syrixi" I can not find the old picture of her I did Long ago (10+ years ago) And I had forgotten her original name. So I have renamed her Juuntei.

She was a Syrixi warrior, which explains her tripod appearance. She was young, and forced to give up her warrior status due to her obvious injury. However You take a Young Warrior's only purpose away, they are left to wander the earth in search of Purpose.

Juuntei in Gaia, is her conversion. She sits before a Ruined piece of metal marked with the Ominous Combine Emblem. With a third World found, and its own natives recognizing the symbol. Their reach was beyond comprehension.

Juuntei was captured from her world, and brought to where she is now. The Combine never saw an intelligent, speaking canid quadruped before. She was captured by an Autonomous Drone that was programmed for science by the Combine's Scientists hundreds of thousands of years ago. She was deposited on a primitive world, to no one, as the Combine had Faded away millennia ago.

Since then, Juuntei, had studied the combine ruins she was left at, making her the most knowledgeable creature of the Combine to exist. She sticks to her warrior roots, but her solitude had driven her to seek knowledge out. Gaia and Rei'Val know little to nothing of the empire. However will they believe a talking Canine-like Quadruped? Time will tell...

~Syrixi and Juuntei are mine.

For her theme song, take a look for the song called "Above and Beyond- Small Moments"



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I, out of boredom have created a Wiki for the Gaia Universe. Its something neat, as I am trying to learn how to write it up, any help will be appreciated!… Enjoy!

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