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Typh of Mythis by Typh39
Typh of Mythis
This was a drawing that took some time to complete. It's Typh, of course as he appears in the Right Storyline. My arms hurt from this and I am actually happy with how it turned out.
Lady Malibu by Typh39
Lady Malibu
Oh my god! A Human! Yes. for the Rith comic. This is Lady Malibu a human crimelord. She runs the Malibu Syndicate.

I am surprised it turned out not so bad.
I am very fucking disgusted by the fact I can't even browse art here anymore without some person deciding anthro is the best place to post his giant and foot-crushing fetish "photos and Art" to. Reporting him did nothing, like usual. He keeps doing it, and it's outright disgusting. They do not belong in Anthro, let alone even be considered art. It's a fetish. Period.
Fetish pictures when browsing a category really, really disgusts me.
Landrear Siphen by Typh39
Landrear Siphen
This was a quick piece of work to brush up on skills. as he has some story relevance to Angari.

Landrear was a Foxian Kit who was Angari's only friend. However, little did Angari know, Landrear plotted against him, due to his hybrid-DNA.



United States
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I start to think to myself if I should even bother writing stories, or have stories and contribute to them anymore. Whenever I start something, people get awkward on me, or suddenly lose interest on me.

These stories pertain to my art too, as they are solely from one story. Lately I have not been ambitious, or driven to draw anymore. Knowing that those I draw won't have a future anywhere in a fictional universe.

So as it stands. I will not be doing anymore art anytime soon, if ever again. Not that it matters though. People won't care, I think.

Maybe I'll get motivation again, but I don't think I will for quite some time.

I have an undesired guest living in my house as well, and it looks as if they will not be going away any time soon. Her side of the family are nothing but self-centered flammable matches who toss her out the moment she sneezes wrong. So, my sanctity is clouded too.

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